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Our main products are pots, baskets, buckets and flower and plant stickers. Our services include custom packaging solutions, quality controls, promotional items and many more. Our Products ENG

There are many creative and exciting choices for flower pots materials, shapes, colors and finishes. Our clay pots are easy and fast to manufacture, great for growing plants and very attractive. The benefits of terracotta ceramics are numerous. Plants just naturally grow better in terra cotta pottery due to its porous nature, which allows the plant to breathe. For plant lovers with not-so-green thumbs, it is reassuring to note that terracotta ceramics make over-watering nearly impossible!

One of our favorite materials is plastic - versatile, lightweight, durable and affordable, always a great choice for plants. And with our customizable solutions, we can create any type of pots, from basic designs to realistic finishes that mimic terracotta, concrete, or stone, and even add rolled rims to give the illusion of thickness.
Our concrete pots are affordable, durable and attractive and always a good choice, especially in highly styled forms trending each year in shops worldwide.
Galvanized metal buckets, brass or copper pots, and other containers made from metal can be very ornamental and always popular choices amongst the consumers who want a modern, contemporary look. We have a wide assortment of metal buckets and pots for every season and we are always developing new models independently and in co-operation with our clients.
Perfect for the natural look, wood always has a warm appearance. Wood planters are an always-present demand for landscaping and gardening. They incorporate elements of nature into lovely containers that go on to foster more life.

But ultimately we can produce pots for flowers and plants in any material and you can get them in virtually any color, size, or shape.


We strive to develop unique products, customized exclusively for each of our customers’ needs